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Over time, simple web portals have evolved into portal platforms that support digital customer experience initiatives. Web Portals allow you to merge information and data from diverse sources like emails,search engines, online forums, etc together in a uniform way and display it in a personalized format.

A web portal is a customized library that helps in the navigation and personalization of notifications which provides a business with a well-integrated information system from various sources with versatile features such as task management, work collaboration, business intelligence etc. Each information source in the portal gets its designated area on the page for displaying information. The user can further configure which ones to display. These portal dashboards can be used by executives and managers of an organization.

The advantages of adapting the portal development technology for your business are :
1) Simplification of back office administration processes and integration of information across different platforms
2) Ease of communication within an organisation, significant improvement in supplier - customer relationships, ease of information transfer across various departments.
3) Improved decision making due to access to multiple databases on one platform
4) Highly beneficial for organizations with multiple offices, multiple departments, etc.
5) Visible increase in business revenues and profits

The different types of portals which can be developed through Ambesoft Technologies include :
1) Project Management Portal
2) Sales Portal
3) Customer Relationship Management Portal
4) Employee Management Portal
5) Membership Portal
6) HR Portal
7) Matrimony Portal
8) Corporate Portal
9) Media Portal
10) Marketplace Portal
11) ERP’s
12) Warehouse Management

In addition to this Ambesoft Technologies can develop any customized portal based on your business needs. Our team can guarantee to bridge all the gaps in your organization through our portal development services.

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