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In today’s marketing dynamics, most of the companies are making provisions to incorporate a budget for digital marketing or social media marketing(SMM). Our expert social media team can help you in transforming your brand image through carefully planned and executed social media calendars. Our team curates a specially designed social media calendar which best fits your company and its needs. Our SMM services include social media optimization(SMO) of current profiles, creation of new profiles, regular posts and blogs, high response rate, specially designed cover images and greetings, etc. Our SMM services can re-create your brand image and reflect your brand presence. Our team has experienced professionals across the networks of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc who are capable of handling all your social media profiles and postings across various networks. We also handle Facebook Ads, Facebook marketplace, LinkedIn paid advertising, Instagram Marketing, etc.

Social media marketing or SMM can help you in creating brand advocacy, building trust and gaining credibility, maximising your reach to the consumer base, building a community around your brand, increasing sales, etc.

How our Team Works :
1) We do an intensive brand study and an in-depth marketing analysis of your company to understand the current position, needs and gaps.
2) We then identify your target audience, the type of content preferred by them, the social media channels they actively use.
3) We then form a strategy and a specially designed social media calendar to identify what type of content and in what format will be posted for your business.
4) We then start running your social media campaigns, tracking and assessing its progress, making tweaks wherever needed, etc.
5) We also offer the execution plan, analysis findings and social media reports to the company.

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